Because you need to know exactly how to get there….

FMT is unique among the current market of available mapping chips in that it provides:

Precise Navigation Tracks

Thousands of miles precisely drawn detailed navigation tracks that were run at low tide suitable for flats and bay boats and other watercraft that can run in the shallows.

Map Accuracy

 A base map that is corrected to provide the current exact location of navigation aids including Daymarkers, Buoys, Signs as well as other mapping vector components that are missing on other products such as numerous signs, posts, concrete abutments and even many PVC stakes.

Hi-Res Imagery

The best and most recent imagery available on any GPS platform with up to 3 inch resolution in some selected coastal areas such as the Boca Grand area.  Most of the Everglades is  6 inch resolution and virtually all coastal areas have source imagery that is at least 1 foot resolution or better.  This resolution is better that the current chart plotters are able to fully interpret but as the units improve to read higher resolution imagery so will the appearance of the images FMT provides.  Along the reef lines and away from land masses some satellite imagery was used or lower res aerials at approximately 1 meter resolution.