Lenco Hl-1600s 16″” Hatch Lift Short – 29″” To 45″” 12v


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Lenco 16″” Electric Hatch Lift – 12-Volt – 29″”-45″” L.O.A

Model: 20774-001

  • Clear anodized aluminum tubing
  • Complete with 2′ (61 cm) lead and Deutsch plug
  • Clutchless ball screw design will not drift, never binds and runs in sync on dual lift applications
  • Inline motor design delivers over 500 lbs. (226.79 Kg) of force
  • Water resistant and made entirely of non-corrosive materials
  • Ball screw spins freely when hatch is fully opened or closed eliminating limit switches and burned out motors
  • High impact, corrosion proof mounting brackets with stainless steel pull pins
  • Powdered metal gears for strength and precision
  • Stainless steel ram locks in any position
  • CE-certified, ignition protected and ABYC compliant

12-Volt with 2′ (61 cm) leads and deutsch connectors. Inline motor design delivers over 500 lbs. of force. Includes high impact, corrosion proof mounting brackets and stainless steel pull pins.


Approximate L.O.A. Retracted 29″” (73.7 cm)
Approximate Stroke 16″” (40.6 cm)
Approximate L.O.A. Extended 45″” (114 cm)
Weight 7.00 lbs

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