Update My Charts

If you are updating your chip(s) please follow these instructions:

Send your chip(s) to:

ISLA / Elaine Depasquale

702 Bohannon Circle

Oswego, IL 60543-6002


  1. Get a tracking number so you will know where your package is and can advise.
  2. Make sure your package includes something inside so it is clearly Identified and we know to whom it belongs. We receive packages each week that are not identified and we have no idea who sent it.
  3. Do Not Require a Signature for Delivery. If we are not available to sign, it can cause a substantive delay as the service will often not redeliver. We only send out replacements upon physical receipt of your current chip(s).
  4. If you owe funds for your update (charts owned more than 365 days), order the update in the ISLA Store and then send your current chip(s) to us. We work to return updates the day we receive your current chip. Delivery within Florida is typically one to two days depending on the location. If you do not know if you owe an update fee because you are unsure of your original purchase date, please email us at Info@ISLAmapping.com to inquire.  We treat all of our customer accounts with the same deference on update timing.  If you have owned your chart more than one year, an update fee is charged and there are no exceptions; one day over 365 days is treated the same as 2 months late or a year out of date.
  5. If you have owned your charts 365 days or fewer (based on your original date of purchase) you do not owe funds other than shipping for your update. Choose the free update on the order sheet. This option will not charge for the update itself but it does charge the return shipping for your update. Thus, the Free Update option is free except for the shipping. The Update order covers the standard delivery return shipping costs. Send your current chip(s) to us as noted above and make sure they are properly identified so we know to whom they belong. We receive packages each week that are not identified and we have no idea who sent them.
  6. You do not need to send us mailing labels unless you would like to provide for your own for overnight return and do not want to order an overnight return option through ISLA. We send the packages out M-F (holidays excepted). Note, overnight orders made on a Friday often will not be delivered on Saturday depending on the location.
  7. If you are ordering a FREE update and you purchased your charts from a retail dealer we will not have a record of the date of the sale to validate the order. Thus, please include the purchase receipt to validate the purchase date and include that with your return package.  Or you can text a photo of it to 407 4637216 and identify the update order so it can be matched and credit applied.    If you purchased directly from ISLA on line, this is not necessary as we already have a record of the sale to validate the order.