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Units NOT Compatible:

  • Lowrance HDI
  • Lowrance Hook 1
  • Lowrance Hook 2
  • Simrad NSX
  • Simrad Cruise Simrad Cruise & NSX Units are NOT Supported as they will not run any charts with imagery and have very limited software capability.
    ISLA recommends all Simrad models except a GO unit. ISLA does run on GO units but GO units are touch screen only and not recommended because they are a hassle to operate on the water compared to all other options and offer no functional advantage. They also have a single core processor and load chips from the back. See the ISLA Recommended Units Video for all of the details on GO units”

Note: If you have a unit older than 5 years such as a Lowrance Gen 1 or Gen 2 unit a chip created with an older version of the programming software is likely required and you should call us to inquire and request one of those before ordering; chips created for the latest model units will likely have issues rendering chart vector features on the older units.  Conversely, chips created for the older model units will not work well with the latest model units.

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Comprehensive inshore navigation insight for Florida boaters designed primarily for flats and shallow running bay boats…click on the images below for more a more detailed look.

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