West and East Louisiana Marine Map


ISLA’s East and West Louisiana marine map offers accurate and high-resolution imagery for the entire coast of Louisiana, including the Chandeleur Islands. It includes optional features such as low tide tracks, oyster leases, and depth indications, and is the most accurate marine map on the market. Our map is the most accurate on the market and offers updates to ensure you never fall behind. Created by running each of the tracks to verify them for accuracy, safety, and reliability. Great for boating in Louisiana, which boasts some of the best fishing and marine views in the country. Read More…

List Of Supported / Compatible Units

Tracks on the chips are from a different data set than the images provided in the example photos above, which are for demonstration purposes.


  • Simrad NSO Series (All Sizes)
  • Simrad NSS EVO 2 (All Sizes)
  • Simrad NSS EVO 3 (All Sizes)
  • Simrad EVO 3s (All Sizes)
  • Simrad GO Series (All Sizes and all Model Versions)


  • Lowrance HDS Series Gen 1, 2, and 3 (All Sizes)
  • Lowrance FS 7 and FS 9
  • Lowrance HDS Carbon (All Sizes)
  • Lowrance LIVE (All Sizes)
  • Lowrance Elite Ti 1 and Ti 2 (All Sizes)


  • B&G Zeus Series (All Sizes)
Note: If you have a unit older than 5 years such as a Lowrance Gen 1 or Gen 2 unit a chip created with an older version of the programming software is likely required and you should call us to inquire and request one of those before ordering; chips created for the latest model units will likely have issues rendering chart vector features on the older units.  Conversely, chips created for the older model units will not work well with the latest model units.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to marine GPS charts. ISLA’s East and West Louisiana marine map covers the entire coast, providing you with unparalleled accuracy and visibility on the water. There’s a reason it’s called “the best boating chip on the market” for inshore navigation. Crystal clear images and an easy-to-use interface mean you can rely on expert runs every time.

Unlike other nautical charts, the Louisiana coastline and Chandeleur Islands are included in their entirety. If you enjoy boating the entire state (or hope to), this is the easiest way to do it.

With ISLA’s Louisiana marine chart, you’ll have high-resolution imagery right at your fingertips. Zoom in with no loss of resolution and navigate with confidence with the East and West Louisiana marine map!


What’s Included

This chart has high-resolution imagery processed to as high as ½ meter for the entire Louisiana coastline, including the Chandeleur Islands.

Optional Map features include:

    • Over 1,000 miles of low tide tracks from just west of Houma to Mississippi
    • Oyster Leases
    • River Mile Markers
    • Boat Ramps
    • Easy to see Navigational Markers, Buoys, Posts, Signs, and Stakes
    • Shallow Bars and Flats
    • State Owned Land
    • Oil Rigs Inshore and Offshore
    • Depth Indications
    • NOAA Depth Contours
    • Labels for all Bayous
    • Dangerous Obstacles
    • Towers
    • Jetties

The dataset is so large, that it doesn’t fit on a single chip. You will receive two separate chips—one for East Louisiana and one for West Louisiana.


The Most Accurate Louisiana Marine Map

When it comes to nautical charts, Louisiana boaters have a variety of options—from Navionics to StrikeLines. But while these marine maps might be numerous, they’re not necessarily accurate.

Most marine charts pull their information from outdated government data. In many cases, it isn’t double-checked or corrected, leaving you to pay the price.

Our Louisiana marine chart is the most accurate on the market, and we offer updates so you never have to worry about falling behind.

In addition to meticulous charting, this entire state of Louisiana marine map features high-quality satellite images, allowing you to see individual features in crystal clear resolution. Further, you can zoom in without blurring or pixelation.


How Did We Do It?

Our Louisiana nautical charts don’t just rely on existing NOAA satellite imagery. We actually ran each of the tracks in these marine charts to verify them for accuracy, safety, and reliability.

As any boater can tell you, the difference between running aground and smooth sailing can often come down to a matter of inches. But with our Louisiana marine chart, you’ll be able to explore areas you never thought possible, while avoiding hull damage. With high-resolution, crystal clear imagery and to-the-foot accuracy, you can navigate shallower waters with ease.

Louisiana boasts some of the best fishing and top-notch marine views in the country. It’s time to get out and explore with Louisiana Marine Tracks.


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