West Louisiana


West Half Of Louisiana

Why do we ask about unit size & type?
We use this only for our own internal purchase info. The chips are all the same and are interchangeable between all compatible units.
Note: If you have a unit older than 5 years such as a Lowrance Gen 1 or Gen 2 unit a chip created with an older version of the programming software is likely required and you should call us to inquire and request one of those before ordering; chips created for the latest model units will likely have issues rendering chart vector features on the older units.  Conversely, chips created for the older model units will not work well with the latest model units.

Unit *

This chart has high-resolution imagery processed to as high as ½ meter for the entire LA coastline including the Chandelier Islands. Optional  Map features include:

  1. Over a thousand Miles of Low Tide Tracks from just west of Houma to Mississippi
  2. Oyster Leases
  3. River Mile Markers
  4. Boat Ramps
  5. Easy to see Navigational Markers, Buoys, Posts, Signs and Stakes
  6. Shallow Bars and Flats
  7. State Owned Land
  8. Oil Rigs Inshore and Offshore
  9. Depth Indications
  10. NOAA Depth Contours
  11. Labels for all Bayous
  12. Dangerous Obstacles
  13. Towers
  14. Jettys

Imagery on the chips are from a different data set than the images provided in the example photos above which are provided only for demonstration purposes of track development.


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